About the Author

Jason Crutchfield was born in November of 1985 in the small town of Milton, Florida. After a rough childhood of abuse and neglect, Jason was primarily raised by his grandparents, Glenda and Lamar. He began writing as early as middle school and has always taken a keen interest in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

In high school, Jason met the most influential woman in his life, Anthea Amos. Seeing a passion for storytelling in Jason, she nurtured his love for the craft and mentored him through his last two years of high school and his two years of college. Under her tutelage, Jason graduated with several honors in the field of writing including a county-wide PRIDE competition and several local and national contests.

Shortly after graduating, Jason’s grandparents passed away within a few months of one another, and Jason entered the work force in order to make a living. It would be nearly seven years before he reconnected with his love for writing. At the age of 25, a brush with death rekindled Jason’s passion for writing and his sense of purpose. After his harrowing experience, he began his work on the NANO series.

Jason still writes to this day, with books spanning many genres from science fiction and fantasy, to urban fantasy, and even paranormal romance. If you ask him, Jason will tell you that he has no other purpose in life. He believes wholeheartedly that he is supposed to write. He loves everything about the process from story creation to execution to rewrites to edits. He is constantly learning and intends to spend his life pursuing mastery of his craft.

If asked, Jason would say that the path of an author is filled with both great joy and seemingly insurmountable challenges, but he could envision walking no other path. Each day, he learns something new about his craft and about himself through his worlds and characters as he continues to grow into a fuller individual throughout life’s challenges.

To those of you who follow Jason through his writing or any of his other life’s adventures, you are more appreciated than you could ever know.

Thank you for your continued support.

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