Plot Description

Finally, after ten long years, Ihlia encounters Bradich. As Bliss recovers from chaos, she pursues him to the very bowels of the city, but when she realizes Bradich’s abilities far exceed anything she could have imagined, she experiences doubt for the first time since she began her journey.

Bradich’s plan is primed; his harrowing vision of the future is set to manifest. With all the puzzle pieces in place, will Ihlia be able to find her own answers in order to stop Bradich and fulfill the task that’s driven her since the death of the Bald Eagles? Will Crelyos be able to find closure to his past and save his long time friend before he truly goes off the deep end? And will Richter and Elsa finally free themselves from Richter’s brother?

The stage is set; the pieces are in place. The end of the world is about to begin… again!



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