Plot Description

Eric Thompson, Jr. is a junior in high school. For as long as he can remember, he’s felt wrong in his own skin. He eyes his mother with envy when she applies her makeup, and there are few things that make him feel better than straightening his hair with his mother’s straightener.

Unfortunately, when Eric confided these things in his parents after graduating middle school, his entire life fell apart. Eric’s father disowned him, and when his mother dared stand up in his defense, his father divorced her and abandoned their family. To cope, his mother turned to the bottle, and to make matters worse, word of Eric’s confession somehow spread around school, earning him the nickname “fairy boy.”

One night, Eric finds himself in a strange dream soaring over an infinite ocean. When he looks down into the water, the reflection of a beautiful young girl looks back. When a ship made of clouds named Cloud IX descends into Eric’s dream, he’s left with a choice: help the crew of Cloud IX fight off terrors that turn people’s dreams to nightmares, or return to dreaming normal dreams. Eric’s life, both waking and sleeping, is about to change.

Cloud IX Volume I: Welcome to Cloud IX – Available Soon!


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