Cloud IX

Cloud IX *(Coming Soon)*

Cloud IX Volume I – Welcome to Cloud IX

Cloud IX Volume II – Lucidity

Cloud IX is an urban fantasy series about a young high school student named Eric Reginald Thompson, Jr. From a young age, Eric has always felt different. He’s never quite felt right in his own skin; he enjoys things society tells him he shouldn’t enjoy as a young man. When Eric tells this to his parents, his entire life falls apart. His father disowns and abandons him, and his mother, Mariah, turns to the bottle in order to cope with the loss. To make matters worse, rumors of his situation spread throughout his school, and now he can’t shake the label “fairy boy” nor the bullying that comes with it.

With his life in shambles, Eric wonders why he didn’t just keep his mouth shut. Then, when things seem as though they can’t possibly get any worse, Eric has a dream. It’s not just any dream; it’s a vivid, lucid experience unlike anything Eric has ever experienced. In this dream, he soars through the clouds over a crystal clear ocean. When he stares at his reflection, the face of a beautiful young girl stares back at him. When a ship made of pure white clouds descends into his dream, Eric’s life, both waking and sleeping, will change forever.

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