Plot Description


Ihlia and her allies leave Uriel behind in their pursuit of Bradich and E Pluribus Unum. According to intel, a man named Chronicle in a city far to the north holds the answers Ihlia seeks, but when the city appears on the horizon, everything Ihlia thought she knew about the wastelands is turned on its head.

Bliss is a city of lasting peace, futuristic technology, and advanced politics. There’s even grass! In the aftermath of the Titan Crisis, that’s more than strange – it’s impossible! To compound matters, Ihlia accidentally gets caught up in the murders of a few of the city’s “model citizens.”

From its strange buildings to its stranger citizens, Ihlia can’t shake the feeling that something in Bliss is terribly wrong. Will she and her friends be able to navigate Bliss, find Chronicle, and gather information on Bradich? Or will Ihlia once more be thrust into a struggle that has nothing to do with her and may bring her journey for vengeance to a screeching halt?

NANO Archive 03: The Fate of Bliss (Part I)


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