Plot Description

NANO Archive 02 picks up where Archive 01 left off. Ihlia, Crelyos, and Oswald are joined by Richter and Elsa. Together, the five of them begin trekking through the wastelands based on the coordinates Raze left Ihlia from Loftsborough’s prison cell. Navigating the wastelands means dealing with the world’s horrible weather, roaming bandit clans, and ravenous packs of hyped, but for a chance to take out Bradich Lesfort, Ihlia will gladly face it all.

But is she ready for what awaits her at Raze’s coordinates? The town of Uriel is nothing like Ihlia imagined. From its lack of any protective measures to its odd citizens, Uriel’s very existence defies post-Titan Crisis survival logic. What secrets could this town possibly hold that it boldly stands in the face of post-apocalyptic North America? And how does this place and its people relate to E Pluribus Unum?

To further complicate matters, Ihlia has to deal with Crelyos’ new obsession with defeating Sarge. Considering the state Sarge left Loftsborough in during their last encounter, it’s hard for Ihlia to blame him (especially considering she’s on her own quest for revenge,) but Crelyos’ obsession could be creating some unforeseen and severe consequences.

Then there are Richter and Elsa. Why were they so quick to jump into Ihlia’s group? What were they doing wandering around in the barren wastelands in the first place? Between hunting down Bradich, dealing with her allies, and trying to figure out the town of Uriel, Ihlia’s got her work cut out for her.

Of course, none of it really matters. After all, everything’s just a means to an end; Bradich’s end, right?

NANO Archive 02: The War for Uriel


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