Plot Description

Three hundred years into the not-so-distant future, human beings discover a new material on the moon. By combining this material with microchips and advanced computer programming, scientists create the first nanite and graft it to the human brain. Thus a new age dawns on man, the age of neurotech.

The first nanite, codenamed Panacea, becomes the poster child for the revolution of brain augmentation. Panacea boasts the ability to completely eradicate harmful foreign substances, correct mutating cells, and stimulate rapid cell regeneration and injury recovery. Illnesses and cancers become afflictions suffered only by the parts of the populace that refuse or are unable to afford nanite augmentation. With Panacea’s overwhelming success spurring on the scientific community, several other nanites rapidly follow its debut. The question of whether or not humans use their brains’ full capacity takes on a whole new meaning as surgeons create nanites to enhance cognitive thought, expand consciousness, and even alter personalities. Using their elevated intellect and awareness, humans systematically eliminate many of the world’s most threatening problems. Problems like the energy crisis, population control, and world hunger become mere myths of a bygone age. For the first time since humans’ appeared on Earth, they put down their weapons and enter into a golden age of true peace.

Unfortunately, man quickly discovers that no amount of augmenting the mind can alter human nature. The golden age of peace shatters not even a century after it begins when scientists introduce the first combat nanites to the world. Augments to enhance strength, speed, reflexes, the five senses, and every other facet of physical prowess soon give birth to frightening super soldiers, and tensions rise between the nations of the world as each attempts to scare its neighbor into pliability with ghost stories of the latest nanite implant. Finally, in 2391, the tensions break, and The Global Conflict fans the flames of war all over the world. Little did the world know such a war would be its last. With population under control and killing efficiency at its peak, mankind becomes more prone to extinction than any version of its former barbaric self.

After a decade of ruinous battles, the leaders of the world’s nations convene in a single place to negotiate the cessation of hostilities. That gathering of the world’s most influential political figures would mark the world’s end. Seemingly out of nowhere, a man calling himself Harbinger appears and simultaneously accesses every top secret holocom system in the world. Without hesitation, he unleashes every country’s stockpile of experimental, nanite-based weapons of mass destruction. These weapons, called Titan Warheads, lay waste to the planet’s surface. The country where the world’s leaders gather is incinerated first, but no city is spared from the Titans’ judgment. After a brief cacophony rattles the heavens, the dust settles to reveal an alien landscape. Wastelands envelope the globe, seas evaporate into the sky, and scars pepper the Earth’s surface like craters in the moon. Over seventy-five percent of humanity dies instantly; of the initial survivors, only those with Panacea ultimately live through the world’s end. The culling of humanity leaves the world barren, the air frigid and unforgiving, and the sky blanketed in a perpetual fallout cloud.

As quickly as Harbinger weaves Armageddon without rhyme or reason, he vanishes. The people left behind in the aftermath huddle together to survive by whatever means necessary, and a separation of mentalities quickly forms the law of the wastelands. Many people strive to build societies; they believe that human beings can salvage their once-great civilization if they are willing to learn from their mistakes. These humans, and all the cities and towns they create, are branded as Dawn Territories. The rest of the human race loosely bands together and roams the deserts seeking to fulfill their needs and desires by whatever means necessary, even if it means preying on the Dawn Territories to do it. These bandit gangs and nomadic tribes form Dusk Territories. And it isn’t long before mercenaries and thugs on both sides begin emerging with super human capabilities fueled by the remnants of humanity’s greatest breakthrough: the nanites.

Ihlia Lorando is a mercenary protecting a quaint little Dawn Territory in what remains of northwest Florida. A town called Junction City. But she cares little for the actual work; her contact with the town’s leader and her old friend gives her plenty of opportunities to hunt down Dusk Territory crime lords and gang leaders and extract information from them. Information about Bradich’s whereabouts. Ihlia has sworn to hunt him down and kill him with her own hands, and she isn’t about to let something like the Apocalypse stand in her way.

Her pursuit of revenge is driven by pure hatred for Harbinger. She once worked beneath him as his top mercenary, a mercenary that he trained, himself. But that was before he murdered his brother and the world’s top researcher, Doctor Donovan Lesfort. Now Ihlia will stop at nothing to see Harbinger draw his last breath, because Donovan Lesfort just happened to be the only man she ever loved.

NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire is now available for purchase on Amazon! Read the first installment to this action-packed, four-part science fiction series today!

NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire


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