Plot Description

Though Ihlia Lorando grew up in a world saturated with advanced nanites and neurotechnology, she spent her childhood in the quiet artificial forests of Yordleton, New Virginia, but when global war over nanite control erupts, everything is taken from her in a single night of rain and fire.

Young, alone, and scared, Ihlia is rescued by Bradich Lesfort and his company of United States mercenaries known as the Bald Eagles. With their guidance, she grows into a fearsome fighter and expert sniper, and the Bald Eagles quickly fill the hole left when her parents were killed.

Ihlia grows to love her new life until Bradich betrays the unit, kills its members and his own brother, then carries out a plan that ends the war but destroys the entire world.

Ten years have passed since Bradich caused the world’s end in an event known as the Titan Crisis, and Ihlia has spent each of those years trying to hunt him down. Finally, in the U.S. wastelands left in the Apocalypse’s aftermath, she gets a promising tip that may lead her to her former commander. Together with her nanite surgeon, Oswald, and her battle buddy, Crelyos, she heads west where she hopes to find Bradich and exact her revenge, but what she finds, instead, will change her life forever.

NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire is now available for purchase on Amazon! Read the first installment to this action-packed, four-part science fiction series today!

NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire


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