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Author Jason Lee Crutchfield’s Dusks and Dawns Newsletter is going live!

Interested in exclusive content, sneak peeks into future releases and cover art, and access to fanart and information that you won’t find anywhere else? Then you may want to join my mailing list! I’ll be using this mailing list to send out weekly updates; while much of this information will be shown periodically during the week on my social medias and blog, this newsletter will chronicle all the key points into a single, easy-to-read email that will be sent to you every weekend!

In addition to all the key information you may have glazed over during the week, the Newsletter will include information you won’t be able to find on the blog or social media! Segments where you can check out other readers’ fanart, concept art, and sneak peeks and excerpts regarding future releases; I’ll even likely be including the occasional short story you won’t be able to read from any other source! When it’s time to choose my next book’s cover art, you’ll be able to email me with your opinion between a few choices drawn up by my artist, Matthew Burton!

Finally, you’ll get a heads up on book giveaways and beta-reading events. If any of this sounds like it’s up your alley, feel free to fill out the short submission form below and you’ll automatically be added to the Newsletter’s mailing list! I’m always looking for new ways to engage with you, my readers, because without you I wouldn’t be able to call myself an author! Thanks for your continued support!

Click here to sign up for the Dusks and Dawns Newsletter!

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