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Advances in Nanotechnology that could turn NANO’s science fiction into science reality.

In NANO, three hundred years into the future and a discovery on the moon lead humans to create implants that augment them in a variety of ways. From enhanced senses to rapid regeneration, the implants in the NANO series fictitiously show us the steadily growing rate at which humanity joins with technology and the possible consequences waiting for us in such a future.

But how fictitious is it, exactly? How long are we really talking until humans approach a level of technology so advanced that it mirrors or even outdates NANO‘s notions of science “fiction?” The truth is, we might not be as far away as you think! And that’s not even taking into account the possibility of the “Singularity!” (Google it. You know you want to. Scary and exciting all in one.)

Here are some things within the past decade that are quickly threatening to turn NANO‘s science fictional neurotech into science reality!


Nanotech VisionWe’ve all heard of the Google Glass, but did you know that they’re already enhancing this system to incorporate “nanotech” contact lenses? They would work in tandem with a microprojector attached to the eyeglasses to display a near virtual reality overlay onto the world you perceive! This new device may not give you Ihlia’s activated night vision or eagle eyes, but this science fiction author doesn’t think those things are too much of a stretch!

Nanotech Brain Enhancement – In NANO, Ihlia boasts having a nanite unlike any other in the world. She calls it her Cognitive Accelerator, and in the book it allows her to slow down time around her. It doesn’t take the reader long to figure out that she’s actually accelerating the rate at which she processes thoughts. It may seem silly, but research is already going into improving our cognitive functions and repariing our cognitive dysfunctions. Right now talk is of “nanopharmaceuticals,” but how long until those drugs become implants that permanently enhance and regulate brain activity?

Panacea – Most of you know Panacea as the poster-child nanite in the NANO series. Fictitiously, this nanite provides the user with perpetual immunity to disease, cancer, and infection, and allows for the rapid, seamless repair of injuries. Did you know that these technologies are at the forefront of nanomedical research? Already nanotechnology is being researched for a variety of medical purposes ranging from prosthetic coatings to early detection of pathogens, heart attacks, and cancer. In addition, nanotech is being used to save burn victims by accelerating tissue growth!

Holocoms – Holographic computer imagery has been a science fiction staple; it’s seen in lesser known works like The Carpathian Castle and Return From The Stars all the way up to more renowned titles like Star Wars (“Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you’re my only hope.”) NANO is no exception as holocoms and an information network called the N3 have outdated our conventional understanding of computers. But it seems like recent nanotech developments will help to bring the concept to life! Move over LCD, you’re a nanostone throw away from obsoletion!

The Supersoldier – Let’s not forget the military strides that this kind of technology will bring. As far back as 2002-2003 with MIT opening their Super Soldier Program with backing from DARPA and the military, the idea of a nanotech enhanced Super Soldier has promised to revolutionize the way wars are fought. Recently, the use of unmanned drones and robotic technology have stolen the forefront, but don’t think that nanotech inspired super soldiers are out the door yet! Right now we’re only looking at combat suits like the Talos, but how far of a jump would it be to make the enhancements an integrated part of our biology?


Since as far back as the 1950’s, nanotechnology and the research behind it have promised to completely change the way our society functions. Being able to manipulate the way matter behaves at an atomic and subatomic level opens up doors that are both marvelous and terrifying. We’re talking about a wave of advancement so prominent and groundbreaking that entire research teams are devoted to nothing more than the ethical application of these technologies! Basically figuring out where the line should be drawn to keep humanity from becoming… well, something else!

But like all lines drawn to impede scientific progression, it’s only a matter of time before someone crosses it. When that happens, what will humanity become? Transhumanists, H+ers, and other advocates of synthesizing biology with technology don’t seem to mind. In some radical cases, they even excitedly anticipate it.

One thing is for certain, though. The age of information is approaching its Dusk. As one who believes that a new day will always rise on the horizon of the old, that leaves me to beg the question… what age will Dawn in its wake?

Be sure to check out NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire to join Ihlia as she fights through one possible end such a world might usher in! And be on the lookout for Archive 02. Just like our impending nanotech breakthroughs, it’s coming soon!

Thanks for your continued support,
– Jason Crutchfield


NANO Archive 01 Official Paperback Release!

NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire paperback version officially released today! You can get your copy on Createspace right now from this link:

NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire Paperback!

This title will be available for purchase on Amazon and Amazon Europe within the next 3-5 business days, so if you’d rather purchase from there, check back soon!

This entire experience has been amazing, and I look forward to releasing Archive 02 very soon! Thanks for your continued support!

Which combat nanite should you implant?

I threw this together today because I thought it would be enjoyable for my readers (and potential readers) to dive into my book’s world in a different way!

I hope those of you that are following me enjoy this little quiz! A lot of it is just for fun and to immerse you a little bit into the book’s world; I can’t guarantee you’ll like the results you get! Haha!

Be sure to share it, comment about your results, and let everyone know about NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire!

Which Combat Nanite should YOU implant?

NANO Archive 01 – Paperback and Audiobook!

Exciting things are just around the corner! I am so lucky to have the friends and supporters that are in my life. With the help of just such a dear friend, I will soon be acquiring the ISBN necessary to release a physical paperback copy of my book as a print-on-demand version available on Amazon! That means that there will be plenty of book signing opportunities and chances for me to actually physically hold a copy of my book in my hands! I don’t even know how I’m going to react the first time I touch it. From what I understand from other published authors, the first time you physically hold a copy of your book in your hands is unlike anything you’ll ever experience in your career.

In addition to the exciting upcoming physical release of my book, I have just completed the necessary submission to begin querying Amazon’s audiobook store for a producer! That’s right, if all goes well and a producer takes interest in my project, there will be a NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire audiobook! For those of you that love to listen to audiobooks in the car, be sure to keep a listen out (you see what I did there?) for more information!

The people around me have made this experience something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. And I hope that they’re merely the foundations for more of such experiences in my days to come. I am so happy to provide you all with such a large piece of myself, and so far the feedback I’ve gotten is absolutely amazing. Don’t ever hesitate to send me a message or an email with a question or comment! I’d love to engage all of you about your thoughts and what my story means to you!

If you haven’t been sharing, make sure you do! A single share is worth a thousand purchases of my book! Spread the word, raise awareness, and if you’re reading the book or have read it, do whatever you can to help generate some buzz, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for these two renditions of NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire! Thank you all for your support!

What an amazing honor! GISHWHES and Misha Collins!

I was recently approached by one of my readers in regards to something that really touched me. Apparently, there’s this thing going on called GISHWHES .

It stands for “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen;” it was created by Misha Collins, most known for his role as angel Castiel in the show Supernatural.

Funny digression: I only recently learned of the existence of this show called Supernatural (yes, I probably live under a rock) when I was researching Misha Collins and his character Castiel. I also read about another angel character in the show: the angel Uriel.

Uriel is one of my favorite angels in demonology because of how ruthless he is (in regards to other angels,) and Wikipedia coins it best when it says that he is considered “as pitiless as any demon.” Running into him when researching Misha Collins tickled me considering the main location in which NANO Archive 02: The War for Uriel takes place is, in fact, called Uriel! Perhaps it is fate! Ok, end digression.

So a large portion of the proceeds from GISHWHES goes to a charitable organization called “Random Acts.” This organization aims to “conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time.” Many of the scavenger hunting items are actually just such random acts of kindness.

Each item that you find/complete on the GISHWHES list is worth a certain amount of points. You can find a list of the items here, but in order to participate in GISHWHES make sure you go to the official site and register!

That’s where my reader comes in; she approached me and asked me to become one of her scavenger hunt items! In this particular scavenger hunt, I am item number 78! And I’m worth a whopping 59 Points!

I am touched because one of my readers thought of me for something like this, and I am touched to be apart of something as amazing as GISHWHES. It’s the first I’ve heard of it, but upon researching about it I instantly fell in love with the idea. What Misha Collins and the people of Random Acts are doing is absolutely phenomenal. The world needs more people like this, and it would be my esteemed honor to be a part of someone’s GISHWHES scavenger list!

Kickstarter and Giveaway!

This post is coming to you a bit later in the evening, but I wanted to remind everyone about NANO’s Kickstarter! Even though the first book is officially live, this kickstarter would be an immense help toward getting the other three books launched and into your hands as quickly as possible! Without the funds from this kickstarter, it will be a grueling and (more importantly) long task to publish the remaining books! So please, if you can, pledge a little something, and if you can’t spread the word and let everyone know! We’re down to the last two weeks to make it happen! It’s all-or-nothing!

I also wanted to remind everyone about the book giveaway. In exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and one other media of your choice, you can get a free ebook copy of NANO Archive 01. Most of these giveaways are gone, but there are still a few left up for grabs so be sure to email me at to get yours!

To those of you who have beta read, and to those of you who have purchased a copy and are reading, be sure to leave reviews on Amazon! Those reviews are worth their proverbial weight in gold!

Also, once I get all the PR stuff settled in and I’ve felt that I’ve done all that I can with it, I plan to move right along into the chopping and beta-reading phase for NANO Archive 02: The War for Uriel. If you enjoyed beta reading the first book, or you’re enjoying reading the finished product, be sure to be thinking about whether or not beta reading Archive 02 is something you’d be interested in!

Thanks so much for your continued support, everyone!


First official NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire book giveaway!

Are you interested in NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire, science fiction, or fantasy, but you don’t exactly have enough money to make the purchase or Kindle Unlimited to download it for free?

Or, do you have the money but you’re not quite sure it’s worth investing in the book?

Don’t worry. I understand that times are tough and you want to hang onto your hard earned cash. And even if that’s not the case, some of you may be thinking, “Hey, who is this guy anyway? Why should I buy his product if it’s no good?”

I got you covered. I will give NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire to the next twenty people that email me requesting a copy. I’d say it’s free, but that’s not ENTIRELY true.

So what do you have to do to get one of these copies? Well, it’s simple. The only thing you have to do is promise to read it and give me a fair and honest review on,, and one other outlet of your choice! You could even get by with making a simple post on Facebook about how good (or bad) it was!

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