NANO Archive 01 – Paperback and Audiobook!

Exciting things are just around the corner! I am so lucky to have the friends and supporters that are in my life. With the help of just such a dear friend, I will soon be acquiring the ISBN necessary to release a physical paperback copy of my book as a print-on-demand version available on Amazon! That means that there will be plenty of book signing opportunities and chances for me to actually physically hold a copy of my book in my hands! I don’t even know how I’m going to react the first time I touch it. From what I understand from other published authors, the first time you physically hold a copy of your book in your hands is unlike anything you’ll ever experience in your career.

In addition to the exciting upcoming physical release of my book, I have just completed the necessary submission to begin querying Amazon’s audiobook store for a producer! That’s right, if all goes well and a producer takes interest in my project, there will be a NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire audiobook! For those of you that love to listen to audiobooks in the car, be sure to keep a listen out (you see what I did there?) for more information!

The people around me have made this experience something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. And I hope that they’re merely the foundations for more of such experiences in my days to come. I am so happy to provide you all with such a large piece of myself, and so far the feedback I’ve gotten is absolutely amazing. Don’t ever hesitate to send me a message or an email with a question or comment! I’d love to engage all of you about your thoughts and what my story means to you!

If you haven’t been sharing, make sure you do! A single share is worth a thousand purchases of my book! Spread the word, raise awareness, and if you’re reading the book or have read it, do whatever you can to help generate some buzz, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for these two renditions of NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire! Thank you all for your support!

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