November Cover Contest (And my Paperback Releases!)

Hello, everyone!

Though it’s been about a month since my last posts regarding my releases, I’ve been hard at work getting the files ready for the paperback releases! They’ve finally all been approved! If you prefer paperbacks to ebooks, you can either navigate to the appropriate links on my website, visit my Facebook author page here, or visit!

But the main reason I’m posting today is to both congratulate my cover artist, Taylor Leiby, and ask for your help! You see, Taylor designed the covers for my recent urban fantasy series launch, Cloud IX. The cover for the series’ first book, Welcome to Cloud IX, was chosen for the November cover-of-the-month contest!

I would really appreciate votes for the cover! Please click here and find the Cloud IX Volume I cover, then simply click “vote,” and you’re done! It would mean worlds to me! Thank you so much in advance!

Now that my paperbacks have all been approved and launched, I’ve been spending my time working out a good marketing strategy for my releases while I rewrite NANO Archive 01: The City of Fire. I’m very excited to bring the first book I ever wrote up to par with my current writing skills, and I’m plucking along at it (slowly but surely!) I should have it ready to relaunch within the next couple of months!

Thank you all so much for supporting me when and how you can. You may never understand quite how much it means to me.

– Jason




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