A Feeling Unlike Any Other

When I was doing various research and corresponding with fellow authors during the writing phases of my first novel, many of them had a lot of things to say about their experiences. One of the things that stood out to me most was when they said that there was no feeling in the world like holding a copy, a real physical copy, of your book for the first time. They said nothing could quite compare.


… They were right. My formatting technician and dear friend, Jonathan Pace, made sure to get a rush-delivery of my book’s paperback version. He allowed me the distinct honor of holding it for the first time tonight as we celebrated with some Mexican food. And, naturally, I gave him my first autograph.

I was so excited I even bragged and boasted to the hostess shamelessly. She was so cool; she played along, and when Jonathan laughed and told me to show her my driver’s license to prove it, I laughed. But she looked dead at me and said “No, seriously.”

I pulled it out with no small measure of pride, haha!

Thank you, Jonathan. And thank you, everyone else who follows me, who offers me words of support and encouragement, or even sends me nothing more (or less) than your well wishes and thoughts.

I’ll never, ever forget this experience or the ones to follow.


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