Jason, you’re pretty quiet over there… or are you?

Hello everyone. I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days, so I thought I’d take this time to update you on a few things! Believe me when I say that I haven’t been idle. Between my day job and the things I’m trying to accomplish with NANO’s launch, let’s just say it gets a bit hectic!

First, I received this box from UPS today! It contains the first five paperback copies of my book that I’ve ordered. These particular five copies are spoken for, but I’m excited to learn about how long the bulk shipments take to get to me and how much they cost. These things will be good to know when I reach out to local bookstores about possible book signings. I plan to look into that in the near future, so be ready!


I’ve begun the chopping and final self-editing process for NANO Archive 02: The War for Uriel. I suspect that within the next two to three weeks, I will be ready to enter the beta-reading and cover-art phases of the publication process for that book. If you really enjoyed reading Archive 01 and you don’t want to wait for the official release of Archive 02, be on the lookout for my beta-read announcement. I will be limiting the beta-reader count to 5 this time.

The audiobook production process for Archive 01 is now well underway. Depending on how fast my producer works, you can expect the audiobook to be available for purchase within the next two months. It’s estimated to be about 14.7 hours long. According to the contract, my producer has to send me the first fifteen minutes for review before we continue with the process. If it turns out well, I’ll be posting the first fifteen minutes on the website for your listening pleasure, and so you can get an idea about what to expect from the audiobook!

I’m looking into various conventions that are within driving distance and fast approaching. So far I have my eye on Sci-Con Tampa (which runs from September 26 – 28). Funds pending, of course, since the whole experience will likely run me about a grand. Make sure to check back on details about that and other conventions that I may go to!

Finally, I’ve been probing around for science fiction book review bloggers to give Archive 01 a review on their blogs, FB, Amazon, and Goodreads. Of the few I reached out to, I’ve already received a favorable response from two, one of which I was most excited to get in touch with! If any of you know anyone who loves to blog science fiction book reviews, be sure to send them my way! Exposure is everything!

Spread the word; visit and follow my site for more information, and share whenever you can! I hope those of you that have gotten the chance to dig into Archive 01 are enjoying your experience!

Thanks again for your continued support.

– Jason

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