NANO Archive 03: The Fate of Bliss (Part I)

Hello everyone! It’s been close to a year since my last blog post. Things hit a lull period for a while in which most of what I was doing was waiting. Well, I believe the waiting is finally over!

As of today, NANO Archive 03: The Fate of Bliss (Part I) has officially gone into editing! The editing process varies (depending largely on two factors: how free my editor is during the next month or two and how much I royally botched all the wonderful English lessons I took in high school and college. Teehee.)

Looking over my website, I realize that I never posted anything regarding Pensacon 2016. Let me go ahead and take a moment to do a little blip about it…


Just as with Pensacon 2015, I brought a healthy number of my books. Unlike Pensacon 2015, I brought a healthy number of both Archive 01 AND Archive 02. With the help of my good friend Rinaldo Slaughter (yes, that is really his name,) full support from my fellow authors in booths next to mine, a caring staff, and the wonderful con-goers that I’m coming to love more and more every year, I managed to sell out ALL copies of both Archive 01 and Archive 02! I can’t thank you all enough for your support, and I truly hope anyone who picks up my novels thoroughly enjoys them!

Now, on to more current matters. NANO Archive 03 (the final installment of my NANO series) is broken into a part I and part II. Part I will be available as soon as editing is finished and I move into the publishing phase. I’m projecting that it’ll be ready to publish probably around July or August, but there really is no telling how long the editing phase will take. So I’ll be sure to keep you posted as I draw closer to a release date.

If you follow my Facebook page, you know that I’m also working on a few other projects. Many of these projects have been put on the back-burner (not to be confused with abandoned,) and I’m adding one more to the list. I’m going to attempt to create a television show pilot script based off NANO’s plot. Right now, Amazon is working to step into the ring with Hulu and Netflix, and they’ve put out an open submission policy for scripts. I’m not going to get my hopes up, but it would be very nice to see my work translated into a visual medium. Television narrative is at an all-time peak right now (at least in my opinion) so if all goes well you might see the airing pilot for a television show called NANO sometime in the near future!

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to show you all something I’ve been hiding for a bit. I kept it under wraps since I was unsure how long it would take for Archive 03 to go into editing, but now that it’s officially IN editing, I can go ahead and show you all… the cover art for NANO Archive 03: The Fate of Bliss!


Another beautiful cover by my artist Matthew Burton.

I hope this update has been helpful to those of you that pop in to check my blog every once in a while. With things rolling forward, I plan to make a lot more posts here than I have been recently. So be sure to stop back by every few weeks to see what all may have changed!

As always, thank you all for your continued support!

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