September is here! It’s time!

I know it’s been another several months since I last posted an update, but as always, I have been anything but idle! First, you’ll notice I’ve done a complete overhaul on my website (Exhibit A)! I hope you find it easier to navigate than before and more pleasing to the eye.

But there’s more to this month than that! This month, the month of September, will be a huge month of publishing for me! I will be releasing FIVE new books this month!

This month, I’ll be releasing the LAST two installments of NANO, the FIRST two installments of Cloud IX, and a very special book born of a very special project from a fellow author (S.E. Smith): Miss Fortune.

I’m very excited to bring everyone updates as the month continues. The first thing slated for release will be NANO Archive 03: The Fate of Bliss (Part I)! I’ll be releasing it within the next week or two, and I’ll be giving an official date soon! Be sure to keep up with my Website, Twitter, and Facebook page for more details as I have them!

The other four projects will all be released around the same time (if not on the same date!) As of now, that date is September 19th! Be sure to check back regularly for more updates! I know, I know —

“But Jason, it’s usually several months between posts for you! Why should we check back regularly?!”

It’s different this month! This month, all my projects have come to a head! This month, I’ll be posting relatively frequently with details concerning the launches! In short, I have something to yell about this month!

To give each of the projects their due, I’ll be posting over the next several days to showcase each individual work and to give you updates on my larger plan once these projects are all released!

In the meantime, be sure to check out my pages for NANO, Cloud IX, and Miss Fortune in order to get a better idea of the stories I’ll be releasing!

Thank you all so much for your continued support! I am so grateful for all the help I’ve received both from the community and fellow authors! I couldn’t be happier to be releasing these products to you this month!

– Jason

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